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What's not to love about a First Look on your wedding day?!

First looks are probably hands-down one of the sweetest new wedding trends, shaking off old school traditions that say you shouldn’t see each other until you’re on opposite ends of the aisle. They kick up the romance a couple notches, allowing you two to share a private moment without your guests, and allowing us to capture some of the unfolding awe and excitement between you.

They’re a really fun opportunity for all of us to put our heads together and get creative, but they’re also sooo time sensitive. Planning is key to make sure that the light’s right and we can be in the right spot to capture the surprise and wonder of the moment. When you’re ready, let’s talk about where you’ll each stand, where we’ll be, and how we can tee everything up so the shot is absolutely perfect.

We're big fans of first looks because they ease the pressure of portraits during the ceremony knowing we’ve got a few good ones in the bag. As soon as the ceremony’s over you can loosen the tie, kick off the heels, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with your friends and family.

The great thing about a first look, it that you can customise it exactly how you want. And who says it only needs to be with the groom...You can also have a first look with your dad, your mum and even your bridal-squad!

They are a great way to get some extra special images in the gallery.

Something to remember:

If you plan to have a first look (or a few) it's vital to plan this into your morning timeline. We usually like to factor in at least 1 hour to ensure you have the time to enjoy all of these moments.

We then like to utilise this opportunity to get a few additional portraits before the ceremony begins. This could be some couple portraits, family pics or bridal-party portraits.

It really depends on your time & preferences. But do let us know which ones are important to you.


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