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9 tips on how to get WOW sparker exit photos on your Wedding Day

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Sparkler Exits are always a good idea on your wedding day! They are not only fun to do, but they also offer that WOW photo for you and your other half to cherish after your wedding. They do require a little bit of extra planning but the results are definitely worth it. It’s actually one of our favourite images to take on a wedding day.

We’ve put a few tips together on how to ensure you get the very best Sparkler photo.

1. Choose the best location

Choose a location that is big enough to fit all your guests at either side, this is especially important if you have big numbers at your wedding. It should also be wide enough to allow you both to freely walk in between. A path usually works well, guests can line up on either side and you can walk right down the centre.

2. It should be dark enough

This one might seem like an obvious one, but it’s also the most important element to tie everything together. it needs to be dark enough for the sparklers to contrast against the darkness. If it is too bright, it will not have the same effect. You want the sparklers to stand out and be noticed for maximum effect.

3. Have enough sparklers to include everyone

You should have enough sparklers at your wedding to include every guest who is there, including the bride and groom. For example if you have 80 guests at your wedding, I would have 100 sparklers. It’s always best to have a little more than less in this occasion.

4. Use camping/BBQ lighters to help light the sparklers faster

Ask your wedding planner or venue to provide these for the sparkler exit. With these, you can easily light 4-5 sparklers at one time. If you have a few of these on both sides of the aisle, it will make the process much faster and get everyone working together. These images can also be really fun for us to capture, everyone loves this part of a wedding and it’s great to capture all the laughing faces.

5. There is a thing as too far away & too close together

You want to ensure that there is just the right amount of space between you and your guests. If your guests on either side are too spread apart, we wont be able to capture them in our shot and there won't be as much sparklers in the photo. On the other had, you don't want to be too close were it is dangerous walking past! So how do you know what is just right? We can arrange this, alongside your wedding planner, by looking and directing your guests where exactly to be to get the best photos.

6. Timing is key!

Try to ensure that people light their sparklers at the right time as they only have a lifespan of around 20-30 seconds. You don’t want to start at the beginning and get to the end of the line and everyone’s sparklers are finished. Therefore it’s best to start a few seconds before at the beginning, then middle and another few seconds later at the end. This is to ensure that the path is evenly lit and there will be enough light and sparklers when you come to the end. We usually take the best photos in the middle or at the end.

7. Be Cautious!

Sparkler exits usually take place late at night and some people can be a little merry at this point! Alcohol and fire can be a pretty dangerous combination! Just be cautious as you are walking past the sparklers and don’t get too close. Also it’s best that young kids be supervised by an adult also.

8. Stop for a kiss!

Sparkler photos tend to be very romantic due to the lights and atmosphere so why not stop in the middle or at the end for a kiss! These photos look great against the backdrop of the sparklers.

9. How to walk the line!

In order for us to get the best photos from your sparkler exit, you should follow a few steps.

Walk slowly as we will be walking backwards and want to capture you walking. If you walk too fast, it will be over too soon. Keep your heads up and eyes open and mix up where you look. You can look at each other, at the camera and at your guests. This ensures that we have a mixture of candid and romantic photos.

Bonus Tip: Keep a few extra sparklers for you and your other half. Once the sparkler exit is finished, we love to get a few pics of you two alone with the sparklers. It’s a really gorgeous effect.

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