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Wedding Trends of 2021

Taking inspiration from the latest reports and insights into the 2021/2022 wedding trends, we look at what's hot and what's not. From florals trends to fashion gowns, bold interiors to micro moments; let's take a look at what we can expect to see more of in 2021 and beyond!

Popular Wedding Trends 2021

It's no surprise that every bride envisions her day as a unique moment. There's no "one size fits all" when it comes to a wedding. So with each new trend, we see a pattern emerge of couples putting their own spin on things and choosing to spend their wedding budget on what matters most to them.

Micro Weddings

With the world pandemic slowly drawing a close but restrictions still in place, couples are leaning towards smaller intimate weddings over a lavish affair. Keeping things low key, informal but intimate is what we're seeing a lot of in 2021.

Whilst this is not the popular choice of others, some are seeing the advantages of a bigger budget to splurge on the finer details. Personal touches, bespoke accents and an overall five star finish is setting the tone for micro weddings of 2021.

Wed Now, Celebrate Later

With all the current restrictions in place a new trend popping up is couples choosing to legally wed on or near their original wedding date, then deferring the big celebration until it's possible to gather large numbers of guests again. Controversial as it may sound, it's a great alternative to completely cancelling your wedding or continuing to put it on hold until further notice.

Plus it's something to look forward to without having the misery of missing out on your planned wedding. A win win in our eyes!

Live Streaming

Who'd have thought your wedding could go viral before you've even said "I do", but thats the joy in social platforms offering live feeds. And while this one sounds a bit too intrusive for us, we can see why some couples are choosing to live stream their day.

The reality is that with a world pandemic hanging over our shoulders, it means some loved one may not be able to make it to the big day. Smaller celebrations, travel restrictions or health concerns may play a role in this and so why not have them at least witness your special moment first hand via live streaming.

Some careful planning is usually involved in advance for this one to work, but i'm sure your wedding planner or a family member can help make this possible, if it's something that would mean the world to a loved on.

If this all sounds too much for you, another option could be hiring a videographer to capture those key moments alongside your photographer. With video coverage making a come back in a more cinematic/ documentary style film, we've had more a more requests from couples looking to add this onto their package. We now offer 3-5 minute highlight films (with drone coverage) that covers the key moments of your day. The perfect way to allow absent loved ones to soak up the atmosphere of the wedding day, at a later date.

Wedding Weekends

I mean can we blame couples who've had their plans on hold for what seems like a lifetime, for wanting an extended celebration?! Even though this trend has been gaining traction for some time now, we're seeing more and more couples planning wedding weekends or 3 day celebrations.

This could mean a manner of all sorts, small gatherings over a 3 day period, week long wedding activities, pre and post wedding bbq's or pool parties to wrap up the celebrations. Whatever it is, it's not going away anytime soon. Couples are choosing to spoil their guests in any ways possible with more unique and fun ideas.

Destination Hens/ Stags/ Weddings/ Honeymoon all rolled into one!

It's been gaining popularity over the last few years, but with a much needed holiday on everyone's list this year, throwing it all into one suitcase for one big celebration, is even more appropriate now.

Why bother jetting off to one destination for your hen/stag, another for your wedding and having to plan and prepare yet another one for your honeymoon, when you can have it all in the one destination?!

Combining all events in one trip is the perfect way to ensure all your loved ones can attend all celebrations. No one misses out and you can all have one big family holiday that people will be talking about for years to come.

But if spending your honeymoon with family doesn't sound like the most romantic getaway, don't fret. Most couples are choosing to road tip around the country, set off for a few luxury nights of romance alone or honeymoon in a separate city altogether. Nothing wrong with having your cake and eating it too!

Unplugged Weddings

It's still popular and we can see why. With social medial taking over the world we could end up snapped on insta before we've even exchanged vows and worse still, family & friends witness your wedding through their phone screens instead of in reality. It's all gotten a bit out of hand! Excuse the pun!!

Asking guests nicely to leave their phones at home, is probably asking too much. But at least they can leave it in their bags for the special moments. As photographers, our worst nightmare is having to fight a family member for a front row seat at the ceremony or snap uncle bobs head instead of your first kiss. When you're paying professional photographers to capture your day, there's no need for that crappy iPhone pic that uncle bob tries to snap!

Unplugged and uninterrupted ensures your guests witness the wedding and enjoy the day, gadget free.

Some ways to suggest this are simple signage at the ceremony, dropbox for phones & pickup after the wedding or asking your planner to announce it before the day begins.

Drone Footage

We love drone shots, they can be dramatic, quirky, creative and fun, so we're thrilled to see this trend top the list. Couples are loving group shots taken by drone footage or incorporating it into their wedding films. It's such a great way to add an extra dynamic to your big day and to your wedding album or gallery.

Get in touch if you want to know more about our drone details and how to add it into your package.

Going Green

This relates to not only the decor but also the eco-conscious concepts making headway this season.

Luscious greenery with pale green tones are still on trend and will continue to make their way onto mood boards for 2021. Table settings with succulents, cactus & all things natural can be incorporated into any wedding style this season and are a great eco-friendly approach.

Zero waste and more plastic free alternatives are playing a big role in 2021 wedding trends. Couples are choosing to source locally when it comes to hand crafted designs or decorations. Cutting back on unnecessary waste and having a sustainable approach to the big day.

Wedding day flower share (yes it's a thing!) or in house catering from locally sourced farms, is a great way to stay on point with this trend. For destination weddings it could be something as simple as using local vendors & choosing to replant trees as wedding favours.

Lights Galore

Concept lighting and installations are setting the ambiance for romantic weddings regardless of indoor or outdoor venues. When the sun goes down and the stars are out, what better way to dance the night away than under your own twinkling arrangement of lighting.

From low hanging bulb installations over receptions tables to a bedazzlement of other fairy or festive lighting, the more the merrier is what's on trend for 2021 and beyond.

There's so many options when it comes to adding that extra sparkle to your event and couples are truly thinking outside the box with this one. Let your imagination run wild and transform any boring space into a majestical moonlight surprise for your guests.

Personalise the Party

Weddings are not just about the exchanging of rings, the vows or the "I do's". Guest expect to be surprised or entertained and couples want to wow them with all aspects of the day. It's no surprise then that we're seeing all sorts of spectacular wedding treats appear as the seasons unfolds.

From trendy food carts, prosecco bars, gin bars, personalised cocktails on arrival, retro photo booths, ice cream carts, dramatic backdrops, personalised wedding favours.......need we mention any more?!

But if all these frills are not you style, maybe a bespoke catering experience or wine tasting treat is just want you're looking for? Either way, personalising your wedding details with original ideas is on top trend for 2021/22.

Let your thinking caps run wild!!

Trends come and go, but some stick around for a while. We love a lot of these so we hope to see them ride it out into 2022. Whatever the trend of the flare of the season, make your wedding your own. Personalise it for you and do what makes you happy & remember "You can't please everyone, but you can please yourself"!.

For more information on our wedding photography packages head over to our website for more info @ or get in touch via our contact page @

We can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for your 2021 Wedding!

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