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8 Best Poses for Same Sex Couples

To be honest these are our favourite poses for any couple regardless of their sexual orientation but these poses also work great for anyone struggling to pose same sex couples. We often find that it's best to be inclusive when it comes to posing same sex couples and not assume that one person takes on the more masculine role.

We know from our own experience as a same sex couple that we both like to lead a pose, depending on the type of pose we're given. Sometimes it's best to have the taller person hug from behind while the smaller one gets attacked.

In other poses it might look strange if the smaller of the same sex couple tries to kiss on the head or temple so it's best to also have the taller person lead this type of pose.

Try not to get too stressed. You will likely find, if you actually ask the couple, that they already know what they like best or how they feel most comfortable. If not just mix and match and have the couple rotate between these same sex couple poses.

1. Walk, cuddle & kiss

Ask the couple to walk towards you holding hand while they look at each other, cuddle & kiss.

2. Over the shoulder cuddle

Hugs over the shoulder (tallest at the back) are one of our favourite poses to do for same sex couples. You can mix it up with a romantic cuddle over the shoulder or a fun energetic cuddle. Switching it up with them looking at you and looking at each other.

3. Kiss with your teeth

Another great pose for capturing those candid shots. Ask the couple to go in for a kiss, but don't kiss until you tell them. Simply smile with their teeth until it's time to kiss. Again you can change the style of this pose by closing their eyes or keeping their eyes opened for fun, laughing shots.

4. Gently attack from behind

The strongest partner, in their own time, runs up to the other and gently attacks them from behind. You can tell the couple to feel free to tickle, lift and twirl or smother the other with kisses. Let them lead this pose.

5. Flirt like it's your date

Find a cool corner or wall and ask the couple to flirt like it was their first date. Feel free to throw out your favourite chat up lines. Then hold hands and walk toward me chuffed that you've picked up the cutest (guy or girl) at the party!

6. Selfie

Ask the couple to place one hand on either side of the lens, get their heads super close and smile for the camera! Selfie Mode....why not go in for a smooch while we're at it.

7. Strolling with hands over shoulder, stop for a kiss & smile

End the session with a few walking shots. Find a nice street with cool lines and ask the couple to stroll along totally engrossed in each other like there's no one else on the planet. When they're ready, stop for an intimate kiss. Use your hands to cup the other persons chin or caress their face before going in for the kiss.

8. Hold hands, look at him, look at me (strike a pose..vogue)!

Don't look sad but don't look happy. One of you just look at us with a slight smirk while the other looks at you. Think vogue coverpage.

So there you have it...these are our best poses for same sex couples whether it's a proposal, engagement, couple session or wedding. These poses will work time and time again and look completely different in various locations. Don't be afraid to use the same prompt if the location changes, because the images will look completely different.

Hope this help... Share your thoughts with us in the comments if you think this is useful.

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