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5 Best Lisbon Wedding Venues - from a Lisbon WeddingPhotographer

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Having been voted as one of the Top Destination Wedding locations by , one of the 15 Most Beautiful Wedding Destinations by The Trend Spotter and listed in the Top Destination Wedding Trends 2020 by it's hard to argue that Lisbon, Portugal is the perfect choice when choosing to have a destination wedding!

With 300 days of sunshine, some of Portugal's best beaches, fresh seafood and fairytale castles fit for a princess, it soon becomes clear why the Portuguese charm is what we've all been looking for. The capital, Lisbon offers couples a truly unique backdrop for a whimsical wedding.

Quintessential blue and white tiles, quinta's full of quirkiness and charm, a coastline boasting beautiful beaches for miles and Sintra steeped in history and heritage, make this part of Portugal undeniably desirable.

As Lisbon Wedding Photographers based in Cascais, just a stone's throw from Sintra, we are blessed to live and work in such a beautiful pocket of the world.

Here we take a look at our top 5 Best Lisbon Wedding Venues for you to fantasise over when planning your destination wedding in Portugal. There are lots more to choose from, but these are our top 5 favourites.

Top Five Wedding Venues in Lisbon, Portugal | for Planning your Destination Wedding in Lisbon

by JJMT Photography - Lisbon Wedding Photographer


Branded as one of the most desirable beach front venues in Portugal, if it's ocean views you're looking for just 40 minutes from Lisbon then Arriba by the Sea could be the perfect wedding venue for you!

This exclusive venue situated in Cascais offers exciting wedding packages to suit a range of styles and budgets. With panoramic views, direct beach access and a range of options for both your ceremony & reception it's easy to envision your outdoor wedding in the sun.


It it's a botanical garden with lush greenery, expansive grounds, a chic dinner area and unobtrusive views of April 25th Bridge in Lisbon, then look no further than Estufa Real.

Weddings here are relaxed and intimate. With rustic gardens, wandering wildlife and Lisbon as your backdrop, Estufa Real offers couples a sense of countryside in the heart of the city.

Estufa Real by JJMT Photography

Located just a stone's throw from the centre of Lisbon is a private family residence complete with palace, grand grounds, lush greenery and beautiful Portuguese characteristics to set the tone for your destination wedding, could Quinta das Pintoras be the secret garden you've been looking for?

With pretty much free rein to convert this secret location into anything you want, these expansive gardens can soon become an enchanted wonderland and the perfect choice for your destination wedding in Lisbon.

Quinta das Pintoras by JJMT Photography

Sintra becoming more and more popular every year for not only tourists but destination weddings, due to it's location in an area of natural beauty. Grand castles, picturesque palaces and lush gardens perched on the hill tops of Sintra, is it any wonder couples are flocking here for their glamorous destination weddings.

Quinta da penalva, unlike many other Quinta's in Sintra, is a private estate with lush gardens, lavish greenery, private pools, offering a natural ambience in the heart of Sintra. The perfect choice for nature lovers looking for an intimate affaire in exclusive surroundings.

Quinta da Penalva by JJMT Photography
Quinta da Penalva by JJMT Photography
Quinta da Penalva by JJMT Photography

An idyllic family vineyard 30 minutes from Lisbon complete with enchanting rolling vines, lush gardens, exotic palm trees, white doves floating by as the smell of eucalyptus fills the air. All this and more at Quinta de Sant'Ana!

It's no secret that Quinta de Sant'Ana is our all time favourite venue to photography. Weddings here are relaxed, picturesque, full of Portuguese charm, with photo opportunities around ever cobbled corner. As soon as you arrive you are welcomed by the natural beauty of the Portuguese countryside and the warmth of the sun as you sip sweet wine straight from the vines. Guests are treated to a grand tour of the country estate as they move through the wedding day motions.

The food is divine, the wine even better and one thing's for sure, a wedding here will be a wedding to remember! You simply must see it for yourself!

Quinta de Sant'Ana by JJMT Photography
Quinta de Sant'Ana by JJMT Photography


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