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a little more about us...

For the past ten years, before deciding to hang up our travel boots and become wedding photographers in Lisbon, we pretty much spent our years travelling the world.

In our early days we lived in Scotland before setting off on a big adventure around Asia, never really returning until 2016. 

Our journey has taken us to soo many magical places. From Thailand to Malaysia, Australia to New Zealand, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and plenty more. To finally residing in South Korea for almost 5 years. We've tallied almost 30 countries and we have no plans to stop there. We seriously love to travel. 

We plan to add our travels to this page in stages. Why? Because we took soo many (soo many!!) photos along the way that it would take another 10 years just to riffle through them and choose the best. But we will, soon!

In the mean time here's a few images from our latest trip!  This year we've already been to Belgium & we'll be heading off to Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and back to Poland again!  More pics coming soon!!!

Zakopane, Poland 2019

JJMT Photography
Destination Wedding Photographer & Videographer

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