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Praia da Ursa Secret Proposal - Shyaan & Ellie

Shyaan & Ellie came to Portugal all the way from New York for a friend's wedding and we're so happy they did! When Shyaan got in touch, she had a few loose plans, firstly she knew she wanted to propose to Ellie, secondly, she loved the look of Praia da Ursa and finally she wanted us to capture the big moment!

That's all she needed to set the wheels in motion!

What Ellie thought was simply a 'couple session', was actually a bigger plan unfolding....

We hiked all the way down to the incredible Praia da Ursa. The views going down were spectacular but the beach itself is an unspoilt hidden gem only seen to those who dare look beyond the clifftop. We jumped right into the session with a few relaxed poses and a playful atmosphere.

When the time was right, Shyaan dropped to her knee, unknown to Ellie; and at just the right moment for her to turn around in surprise to reveal not only a beautiful ring, but her grandmothers fabulous ring and a romantic gesture!

We constantly pinch ourselves that we get to witness and be part of these special moments. We can't wait to capture their big day in 2021 right here in Portugal. We already know it's going to be an amazing day for two special ladies xx

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