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Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We absolutely love travelling, who doesn't right! We've been to over 35 countries together and counting. We've decided to do a little travel blog and show you some of the awesome places we've seen through our lens. And more importantly we can't travel these days due to Covid, so it helps to cure the fix for now!

First up on the blog - Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We actually got teaching jobs in Dubai when we graduated many moons ago but didn't take it and opted for Seoul, South Korea instead where we lived for seven years! So Dubai was always the place we always thought about in the back of our minds. We wondered what life would have been like if we had of accepted that teaching job rather than the one in Korea. So when we had a chance to go visit a friend who was living out there, we jumped on the chance to see our 'what if' place.

Although we had an such an amazing time in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, it was also great to know that we 100% made the right choice all those years back. We loved every second of living in Seoul and still miss it now. It gave us the chance to travel all most all of Asia and it definitely feels like our second home.

But let's get back to the UAE! Here you can see a little bit of Dubai & Abu Dhabi through our lens! Let's go!

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