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Belfast Engagement Shoot

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

We went back to our roots for this one, our hometown of Belfast! It's been a while since we've had a beer in the popular part of town "Cathedral Quarter" or even wandered the streets of downtown. Belfast is definitely on the rise with the explosion of GOT and the new Titanic Visitors Centre making it a hot spot for tourists. The city is definitely more quirky than we remember with some amazing spots for a photoshoot.

This was our first engagement shoot of the season and a particularly special one for us. Zarinna and Janice have been bff's since childhood! Zarinna & Ravi's engagement and news of their soon to be little bundle of joy meant we done more catching up than actually shooting. But we still managed to get a few fab shots of these pair having fun and enjoying a crisp evening in Belfast. Here are a few of our favourites & of course we can't wait till the wedding or the new arrival! ♡

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