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Take us to.... Bulgaria! We will not forget this wedding in a hurry.

Your Love Story....Tell us where it all began.....

We met in an indoor cycling studio in Washington D.C. we started as riders and eventually, it became our fun part-time jobs after our regular work days and on the weekends. Since we spent some time together we quickly became close friends. Our friendship quickly transitioned into something more. Here we are 4 years later getting married in 60 days!

When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged in Lisbon in March 2020. I would share all the details and all the tears that I shed but I think you guys are quite familiar with the story ;)

Tell us why you chose Bulgaria for your wedding?

We chose Bulgaria primarily because all of my family (except my parents) live in Bulgaria. It is a very long and annoying process for Bulgarian citizens to get a visa to the US so we knew that for my family to attend the wedding it would have to be in Bulgaria. We also loved the idea of a smaller destination wedding where we don't have to invite distant friends and co-workers but instead, we can focus on those closest to us. Plus, not many would visit Bulgaria on their own so this was a perfect opportunity for our US friends and family to visit a country they have heard so much about.