Lisbon Vacation Photographer

With Portugal topping the charts for Best Travel Destination year in, year out, its no wonder Lisbon has become a huge magnet for tourists. Art and culture around every corner, Portuguese charm, quintessential Portuguese tiles and architecture; and the smell of seafood in the air, there's more reasons than not to love Lisbon!

As Lisbon Photographers we've created the perfect session to capture the magic of your travels. Whether you're on a family vacation, a romantic couple's getaway, a pre engagement weekend or simply a solo traveller looking for memories to take home, we know the hot spots, hidden gens and sunset spots to capture your holiday snaps! 

With our affordable but exclusive sessions, we've made it easier than ever to hire a professional photographer to document your journey. 

Proposal Shoot Lisbon Photographer

Honeymoon Shoot Lisbon Photographer

Engagement Shoot Lisbon  Photographer

Solo Photoshoot Lisbon


Couple Shoot Lisbon Photographer

Family Photoshoot Lisbon Photographer

Proposal Photoshoot Cascais Photographer

Couple Session Cascais


Engagement Shoot Cascais Photographer

Solo Photoshoot Cascais


Honeymoon Shoot Cascais Photographer

Family Photoshoot Cascais Photographer

What's Included?

When you book a Private Photoshoot with JJMT Photography you can guarantee you're in good hands. 

With a passion in photography for over a decade,

a full time career in Wedding & Lifestyle Photography & the creativity to back it up,

Janine & Janice not only personalise each session for your individual needs but also take great care and attention to detail

in the post processing stage. 

Here's what included with every booking:

A Private Professional Photographer

Private Online gallery

Guided tour of your location

20 - 30 Images 

Images delivered within 7 days

Proposals / Engagements Photography
Couple Photography
Solo Vacation Photography
Family Vacation Photography
What is a Vacation  Photographer?

If you've ever scrolled through your mobile phone gallery only to find selfie after selfie, mediocre holiday snaps, the top cut of the Eiffel tower or photos with hands and legs missing, then you'll know how easy it is to get bad vacation photos.  It's time you had a vacation photographer to solve all your problems and start giving you back your holiday memories that you can look back on with pride. 

Having a Vacation Photographer has become more and more possibly with technology and new platforms helping photographers share and promote their work. It's also becoming more and more popular in every city around the world. So don't be put off at the prospect of having a photographer follow you around and take your picture while you wander the streets of a new city. It's relaxed and fun and we use all of our skills and experience to make you feel as comfortable as possible. 

All of the travellers, families and couples just like you, have chosen to book a vacation photographer to capture their journey!

Why book a Vacation  Photographer?

Photos are everything these days and even though it could be argued that mobile phones are just as good as professional camera's, it's simply not the case!

Why battle with a tripod, a selfie stick or rick asking a total stranger for a "terrible" photo (because let's face it they always are!) when you can have your very own vacation photographer capture the moments that actually happen, while you actually enjoy it!

Kids grow fast, family holidays become few and far between, if at all when they finally grow up! But what better way to reminisce about the good old times than to look back on amazing photos of your trip. 

What's the point in a couples getaway if you don't have any photos to remember it by!

Want to propose in a secret location but don't know where to look?  We can help you not only find the perfect spot, help you plan the proposal but also capture it so that "Yes" moments can be frozen for all time!

We take the cell phone photos but how often do we actually do anything with them. That's the biggest difference we hear from our clients! 


We can only find good reasons to book your Vacation Photographer, so what are you waiting for?

How do I book a session?

Get in touch, tell us your plans and lets make memories together. 

Simply email us with all your details & let's start planning your vacation photography session!

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