We are J J M T   P H O T O G R A P H Y

 Photography for us has been a love affair for decades, starting with landscape, travel and street photography and eventually leading us to Weddings. We love LOVE, we love WEDDINGS and we love PHOTOGRAPHY! It really is our dream job!

How can we

create magic 

on your Wedding day?

Did we mention that we love weddings!?  Having two photographers on your wedding day enables us to get creative! While one is focusing on the must have and precious moments, the other can take a step back and create images with a little more art.  Janice loves the in between moments and the imperfections and focuses on the romance in her images. Janine is the more creative one, and loves to capture artistic imagery. We combine our skills to compliment each other and give us a unique style as Wedding Photographers. 



Our Style

If you’re looking for traditional Wedding Photographers with lots of posed or staged photos, we're probably not the right photographers for you!

We are creatives and we love to bring out your personalities in our portraits. There will always be two of us on the Wedding day and we focus on capturing honest, raw emotions & natural moments on your Wedding day.

Our approach to Wedding Photography, is a combination of photojournalistic imagery, lots of laughter and a touch of romance. Every wedding is 100% unique and we document your day with this approach. Therefore when you look back on your photos it is a true reflection of you as a couple. If you're romantic, be romantic, if you're silly, be silly and we'll be there to capture it all, 100% unique to you!

Also, if you care less for formalities and  focus more on having the BEST DAY EVER with all your favourite people in the world, we have no doubt we'll be a great fit!

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Client  T E S T I M O N I A L S 

They captured every precious moment!

We were soo lucky to have found Janice and Janine! They were the perfect match for the laid back atmosphere at our wedding. The photos are amazing and they captured every precious moment. 

Having two photographers is really great. 


Maria & Pedro

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